PEED'S CREED: Same day service GUARANTEE. *Call before 1 pm Mon-Fri and 11 am Sat and we'll be there today or you'll receive 50% off our normal rates.

866-401-PEED (7333) – If you are looking for a plumber in Fairfax, Peed Plumbing is the best choice for all your plumbing needs. For more than twenty-five years, homeowners looking for a plumber in Fairfax have turned to Peed Plumbing. Peed is an eight time award winning company, and has the expertise to meet all your plumbing repair needs.

Your home is too valuable to trust your plumbing needs to an inexperienced contractor. If an independent contractor falls short, who do you turn to? Large companies are often impersonal and lose touch with the customers they are serving. Don’t get stuck with incomplete work or with unnecessary charges from someone meeting a quota. Use a company built on a trustworthy reputation and personal service.

As an employee owned company, each of Peed Plumbing’s employees has a vested interest in the company and your satisfaction. Recognized by industry professionals and satisfied customers, Peed Plumbing is the name customers turn to first. Peed’s Creed is: Same day service, Guaranteed. If you call before 1pm weekdays or 11am Saturdays, Peed will service you on that day or will take 50% off normal rates. The guarantee is subject to urgent call availability, service work, and weather permitting.

Services offered by Peed Plumbing include basic home plumbing needs such as toilets, faucets, water heaters, and leaks. Peed also is your local expert for well pumps, disposals, and even gas piping. Peed provides video camera inspection to diagnosis almost any drainage problem and provide a quick and reliable solution. reliable solution Don’t forget that Peed isn’t a typical plumbing service company whose experience is solely with homeowners . Peed Plumbing’s history is much more diverse and includes experience in both residential and commercial projects with local and national builders and contractors. If it’s new home construction or a remodeling job in an existing home, Peed Plumbing is still the first choice. Whether you are in Leesburg, Northern Virginia, West Virginia, or nearby in Maryland, Peed can meet your plumbing building needs.

There are scores of contractors to choose from, but when residents of Leesburg need a plumber, one company stands above the rest. Peed Plumbing has been awarded PMPV Plumbing Contractor of the Year, Van Metre Home’s Construction Award, Van Metre Home’s Customer Service Award, and several other awards. Peed was listed in PHC News in the top 100 contractors for two years in a row.

Clearly, Peed Plumbing stands above the rest. Recognized by professionals, appreciated by customers, and with a proven track record, Peed will be around to stand by their work. Your home is too valuable to put at risk. Poorly repaired plumbing can cause damage and put your home at risk in the future. Trust your home needs to Peed Plumbing. Peed will never charge you overtime or travel. The rate Peed quotes is the rate you’ll get.

Whether you need plumbing repair, remodeling, or new construction, Peed Plumbing is the choice for Leesburg, Northern Virginia, and the surrounding area.

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